I know I have a BusyContacts screencast to get up and running here– I’ve recorded it but I have to go in and edit it which takes a lot of time. Getting up in running in the university as well as other projects takes a lot of that time.

So I made a brief screencast for my other blog, a blog about my journey as a new developer over at Code Newbie in Pittsburgh about Trello, a not-so-new productivity web app based on the Kanban principle for agile and lean development which is, of course, programmer speak. Kanban isn’t in itself a developer productivity principle– it was first used in manufacturing at Toyota back in the 40s.

I was, and still am, using OmniFocus for more linear tasks. I’ve spent too much on it to give it up. But with Trello and the new TextExpander I have found an enjoyable way to be productive.

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