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Mike Vardy is the ultra-successful productivity blogger, podcaster, and coach. He runs The Productivityist blog and podcast.

In a talk on YouTube for the blog called 3 Words, Mike goes over the three words he focuses on during the year– everything he does has to be aligned with these words.

The concept of 3 Words is that instead of New Year’s Resolutions, he starts his year with 3 words and categorizes his goals in line with those three words. So instead of some vague resolution to lose weight, you could have the word Fitness. Under this word, you could have other types of tasks you want to accomplish but they must align with this word.

Mike usually keeps the first letter of each word the same. I haven’t copied this, but I have taken the 3 words to heart. I use Day One to track my progress for the three words I have set for myself:

  • Focus
  • Health
  • Effort

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There’s a myriad of things and apps you could use to keep track of your three words. The advantages to the three-word system are that it prevents you from setting arbitrary productivity goals and provides a framework for productivity throughout the year, as long as you keep to those themes and only do things that align with them.

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