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This is an updated list of my favorite productivity apps for Mac.

Most of the apps remain the same. I have switched content storage, task managers, and added a podcast player. I also added a content editor.

My original list was a long one with some runner-ups. BusyCal got updated and they even added an iOS app. I am not going to list out all the apps I did on the other article.

So, here they are.

This is, and has always been, my favorite way to store information. I got on the plain text bandwagon some time last year. While it worked for the most part, I missed Evernote’s flexibility. In the next few posts I will share how I am using Evernote for GTD. Look out for that.

It’s a slight improvement. I like the look of this one much better than the skeumorphic BusyCal 2.

You can use this online for free but I wanted something for the desktop. This helps you write with brevity. I run my blog posts through this now. It costs $10 for the desktop.

I didn’t mention a podcast app in my 10 Best iOS apps post. I was using Overcast because of the Smart Speed feature. It trims silences to speed things up. It also has Volume Boost. I enjoyed Overcast because it was the only app with these features. I was using PocketCasts and preferred its interface over Overcast’s. But Overcast’s major features were enough for me to switch.

PocketCasts 6 adds those features. It also has a attractive web app that costs at one time fee of $9 which I will be paying for Friday. I like listening on the desktop as well, not just my phone. The web app interface makes it a  must-have for me.

I bought into OmniFocus when I first got my Mac. I used it for a long time and found that it was too busy and too complicated for my needs. I didn’t know how to use it right— I didn’t have a solid grasp on GTD. I also needed a few lessons on Defer dates and Due dates, as well as contexts.

Using Todoist was fun and great with the Karma feature. That got old, though, and I missed OmniFocus’s many GTD-specific features.

What Are You Using?

Let me know what you’re using in the comments.

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