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Are you still using IFTTT recipes?

I am.

I have deleted some recipes and added others. They are adding new channels every week. A lot of it is home automation stuff the Hue and WeMo lights[footnote]And of course, the Amazon Echo.[/footnote]. That seems to be their focus and I understand that.

They asked for suggestions on their Facebook Page and I, as well as other users suggested multiple accounts as well as more fine-tuned conditionals for greater flexibility. Seems like power-user features but one that Zapier has had for a while now.

The IFTTT Giveth and The APIs Taketh Away

One notable issue with IFTTT is that it relies so heavily on web service APIs that are constantly changing. I used Instagram’s Save a Photo You Like on Instagram to Your Camera Roll recipe quite often. There were several different triggers for Instagram. But because of changes to their API, they took away a lot of triggers which crippled some of my workflows.[footnote]You can find the article about that here: https://ifttt.com/blog/2016/05/a-change-in-how-instagram-works-with-ifttt[/footnote].

It isn’t ideal, but it’s what we have when services like IFTTT tap into other web apps for free.

My IFTTT Recipes

So what am I using these days? You can find them below.

IFTTT Recipe: Post Tumblr Video to FB Page connects tumblr to facebook-pages

IFTTT Recipe: Append New Subscribers to Evernote Note connects mailchimp to evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Liked Item Archive connects instapaper to instapaper

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