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Let me preface this with a caveat:  for MacBook Pros with 256gb of storage of less.

Why? Because she doesn’t search, or grab the index from Spotlight on external drives, at least not yet.

I am not the only one who needs this. From the Apple Discussion Forums:

>” Hiya: >

Just updated to MacOS Sierra, and I am trying to use Siri to find files on my computer and like the title: says, Siri’s not coughing up files on my external drives (both connected via USB 3 through back of iMac). I’ve tried turning Siri on/off, Spotlight doesn’t have any excluded folders, I tried signing in/out of my iCloud account. I’ve tried creating a new user account on my Mac (which won’t find anything at all). Permissions on my external hard drive seem ok: Read/Write is enabled for Me, Everyone, and admin; “ignore ownership” is turned on. > I’m starting to think this is a design limitation of the software. Anyone else using Siri able to get her to fetch files on your external drives?

The response from dialabrain:

>” As near as I can tell, unlike Finder search and Spotlight, Siri will not search external drives.

Will We See This at All?

I would assume so. It seems like a big oversight to eliminate searching external drives when Apple laptops have such little internal storage. But seeing as there is more outrage going on today:




I’ll let it go. For now.

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