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Airmail finally adds DEVONthink Pro Office support to its Mac App.

According to the Devonian Times:

Selected email messages can be sent to DEVONthink’s inbox. They are saves as plain text documents and include a link back to the original message in Airmail.

Unfortunately for us heavy Airmail and DEVONthink users, the emails are saved as plain text with a link back to the original message. It’s still not up to the level of Mail.app. Hopefully Bloop will rethink the integration later on in Airmail’s development pipeline.

iOS Integration

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DEVONthink on iOS has a deeper integration with Airmail with DEVONthink’s advanced automation 1.

You can add a custom action in the Settings, something like Add to DEVONthink. You would need to select the Open URL action and add this URL scheme:


Add to your swipes 2 or however you’d like to access the action. The resulting email in DEVONthink looks like this:

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The integration with iOS seems much farther along than that of the Mac. This is interesting to see the Mac become a second class citizen for Bloop.

  1. The updated advanced URL schemes help you to accomplish this. 

  2. I would add it as a swipe action if you’re archiving emails in DEVONthink often. 

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