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Airmail finally adds DEVONthink Pro Office support to its Mac App.

According to the Devonian Times:

Selected email messages can be sent to DEVONthink’s inbox. They are saves as plain text documents and include a link back to the original message in Airmail.

Unfortunately for us heavy Airmail and DEVONthink users, the emails are saved as plain text with a link back to the original message. It’s still not up to the level of Mail.app. Hopefully Bloop will rethink the integration later on in Airmail’s development pipeline.

iOS Integration


DEVONthink on iOS has a deeper integration with Airmail with DEVONthink’s advanced automation 1.

You can add a custom action in the Settings, something like Add to DEVONthink. You would need to select the Open URL action and add this URL scheme:


Add to your swipes 2 or however you’d like to access the action. The resulting email in DEVONthink looks like this:


The integration with iOS seems much farther along than that of the Mac. This is interesting to see the Mac become a second class citizen for Bloop.

  1. The updated advanced URL schemes help you to accomplish this. 

  2. I would add it as a swipe action if you’re archiving emails in DEVONthink often. 

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