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When I first came across Timing, it was recommended to me by my good friend Nick Lash. We were talking about time tracking apps and his possible employment as an iOS developer for time tracking juggernaut Toggl 1.

He was thinking of rewriting their Mac app 2 in the vein of Timing.app.

I got to check it out in my trial of Setapp 3 and I couldn’t figure it out. I also didn’t want to: the design was Mavericks-esque and didn’t appeal to me at all.

Productivity in Tech and Apps

Productivity in Tech Facebook group is a goldmine of productivity information and app recommendations. Jay Miller, Community Organizer of Productivity in Tech, mentioned Timing.app v2 and how much better it was than v1. I put off checking it out: Toggl was enough. Besides, I had the perfect Alfred workflow for Toggl.

The problem with Toggl, at least for me, was keeping up with logging my time. I kept it up for two weeks then slowly my tracking fell off.

I checked out Timing’s website, poked around, looked at videos and thought, Wow. This is what I need.

Limits of Toggl Aren’t Limits in Timing

Manually tracking your time is tedious and cumbersome. My Alfred workflow made it easier but it still didn’t work for me. Timing tracks everything you do on your Mac, asks you what you did while you were away, has a beautiful new interface, and can generate reports. The Professional version gives you timesheet tracking and other perks.

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I am trialling the Professional version and I am going to be buying it very soon. It’s $50 4 but $50 well spent.

Where Timing Fails

No web API. No iOS app. These aren’t deal breakers for me but could be for some.


I have been using it for a couple of days and I really do love it: the new UI, the reports, filters, overview of my day. It is everything one could want in a time tracking app.

Check it out and see for yourself.


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  1. I talk about Toggl in [this post]( 

  2. It’s ugly and pretty useless. 

  3. Subscription based model for a suite of different apps. 

  4. $29 for Productivity and $79 for Expert. 

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