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Readdle, maker of apps like Spark Mail App, Documents, and PDF Expert, has released v6 of their popular iOS apps.

Documents 6 and PDF Expert 6 have gotten a much need facelift.

Inside of these apps, icons are larger and the colors muted to give a more personal feel.

Glyphs are also colored here which distinguishes the different actions from each other, which is a nice touch.

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The marquee feature of this update is the drag and drop addition.

You can drag and drop inside of their apps but also between their apps.

Drag and Drop: A Welcomed Addition

System wide on iOS, you cannot drag and drop between apps in split view on the iPad.

Federico Viticci and the MacStories team came up with a very slick, very popular concept video for iOS 11. Here, Sam and Federico propose drag and drop in split view among all apps, as well as some other interesting concepts.

While you can’t do this between two different apps currently, Readdle implemented drag and drop between their apps.

Dragging and Dropping Inside Documents 6 on iPhone

You cannot drag and drop between Readdle apps on iPhone but you can drag and drop inside of one of their document apps.

For instance, you can drag a PDF into a folder in Documents 6 or PDF Expert 6 on iPhone.

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There is also the ability to hold a dragged document over a folder until it opens the target folder via spring loading.

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Dragging Around on iPad Pro

You can also drag and drop similarly on iPad and iPad Pro.

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You can also drag folders into folders:[fvplayer src=”

Drag and Drop Between Apps

This is the most interesting part of these updates.

Dragging a file from Documents 6 into, say Spark, is a delight. You can easily share a PDF by sending it to your editor, accountant 1, or whatever. The drag and drop capabilities make this easy.

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You can also drag images into Spark or Documents:

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Dragging from right to left works, too. [fvplayer src=”

Snappier Dropbox Loading

One of the main pain points for me using Documents and PDF Expert 5 was the seriously slow loading of my Dropbox content. I’d wait sometimes five or 10 minutes for them to load my folders. Sometimes they didn’t and I’d have to back out, force quit the apps, and try again. I’d have to do this several times.

In Documents and PDF Expert 6, the Dropbox loading is much faster.

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Check These Out

If you have previously given up on the Readdle suite of apps 2 then try them again. The drag and drop between their apps and in each individual app is well worth the repeat download.

  1. As Federico does 

  2. I deleted Spark and went back to Airmail but decided I’d use Airmail to process and Spark/Gmail to read. 

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