Working on iPad Pro: The Beginning

Image Credit: Andrew Ohara

It is no secret in the Apple tech community that people are dumping their MacBooks and working solely on the iPad. Federico Viticci writes solely on his iPad and has several guides on how to do great things with iPad.

I gave this a shot a couple times and while I enjoyed it, I always went back to my Mac to write or do other tasks 1.

I was recently doing the mundane task of laundry and decided to take my iPad Pro down to the laundry room to knock out some of my writing for my other blog. I started to work and then…

I was completely blown away by how awesome it was.


I edited a screencast, wrote the article, connected to my GitHub through a WebDAV connection in Transmit of iOS and Working Copy. I was flying. It made my work fun.


I love my Mac. And while I love writing on my iPad, I tend to gravitate towards my Mac for the automation.

I’ve cut a lot of that cruft out of the workflow by setting up a CDN with AWS S3 and CloudFront and adding a WordPress plugin to automatically offload the uploaded images into the appropriate S3 buckets and adding the custom CDN links to each asset. I don’t need to do that anymore, another bottleneck taken care of. And with Coda, Transmit, and Working Copy on iPad, getting code snippets for my other blog into Ulysses and up to WordPress is easier than ever.

There’s no excuse, really.

I am committed to working on iPad for writing for the next month. I want to do it and we’ll see how it goes.

  1. I am currently writing this on my Mac. 

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