David Hewson on Ulysses Subscription Model
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From David Hewson:

For some reason the internet has encouraged us to place little value on the things we use, even the ones we rely on heavily day to day. It’s not just software. Books have been discounted and devalued in many places to the point where the people who write them get a pittance in return for their work. Apps have been driven down to price points where people buy them casually, never use loads of them, then wonder why the things don’t get fixed or improved then disappear a few years down the line.

The subscription model only works when the people you are selling to use your app a lot and find it indispensable. This model works for things like professional tools, which is what Ulysses is, and things like Day One, that has recently gone subscription.

However, people are getting tired of being held hostage monthly or yearly to use an app they once only had to upgrade every year or so. I have no problem paying for Ulysses - I’m using it right now. But I’m not made of money. Most people aren’t. The model is broken and I place the blame squarely on Apple’s shoulders.

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