Thanks to Alif Aleph Sajan for letting me test KickMe.

KickMe is a cross-platform app built using a Node framework called Electron which allows a developer to write one app and port it to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For a video overview of the app, check the YouTube video below.


The Good

This is a really interesting concept. I too often have windows upon windows snapped in different locations using BetterSnapTool as well as multiple desktops.

As the video showed, you can activate KickMe with ⌘⌥K or when the app is in your dock, you can tap the icon provided you have a trackpad or Magic Mouse 1.

Kicks are tasks. You can have projects that hold your Kicks, etc. It is novel, and I appreciate a developer trying interesting ways to help people be more productive.

The Bad

I am not really using it. I am having a hard time finding where it fits in my workflow. I currently have OmniFocus, Evernote, and Fantastical doing the heavy lifting for my productivity 2. While being able to rinse the screen of distractions is handy, I can do that with ⌥⌘H in OmniFocus or Evernote when I want to concentrate. It basically hides all your other windows so you can focus. But I can do that without this app.

And as I showed before, I have multiple desktops to help me with what programmers call, “the separation of concerns”, which is self-explanatory.

Good For Normals

If you are someone who doesn’t fiddle too much with expensive productivity apps and doesn’t dig much into your app’s menus, then this will be a great option to manage your tasks, your most important tasks, and being able to focus solely on those tasks. But for me, OmniFocus and its Perspectives and the Hide All menu option is easier and has more of my muscle memory.

Where You Can Find the App

You can find KickMe on the Mac App Store

  1. That’s how I initially did it because the website indicated that’s how you were to do it. 

  2. nvAlt as well for quick notes. 

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