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I saw a video on it from the now-on-hiatus dev channel DevTips. Travis was giving away a copy and it looked beautiful. You could see previews of your app/site right in the app. It also came with books 1!

I had used that app for a while when I heard about their FTP client, Transmit 4. I waited a while to buy it; it was $40 or so 2. I enjoyed using Transmit but the interface was outdated. Some key functionality wasn’t there but it was a great FTP app. You could connect it to your servers, Coda, and Amazon S3 and the like. You could also sync settings between your Macs with Panic Sync. It was good at what it did even if it was long in the tooth.

Panic released Transmit 4 in 2010. I bought it in 2014.

A New App, A New Interface

The interface is more modern now. Not only that, file transfers are much faster. You can have site icons to differentiate between servers. Also Rackspace, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other cloud providers have signed on.

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You can add the cloud providers as disks in Finder so that you can easily drop files into them for uploading. You can also delete massive folders off of your SSD because now you have local access to your Dropbox or Google Drive right in Transmit on your Mac.

Easily a Great Pick

I’ve been using this a lot. I get more and more impressed with it every time I use it.

  1. I find it hard to read books on my Mac but it still thrilled me nonetheless. 

  2. Coda 2 was $75 so I was trying not to blow all my money at once. 

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