I listen to music all day, everyday. My [Dylan QS1 headphones](

I listen to all genres of music but my favorite is alternative rock, metal, and dubstep. Eclectic mix, I know.

I am also a football fan though I am trying to cut back on how much I watch as I work to get dev job ready 1.

I found a few playlists that cater to tailgating. The first one was a country playlist but I can’t stand country music so I went searching for a hip-hop or rock playlist and I found this one, a rock one, with some classics and some new ones.



  1. My Buckeyes got manhandled by Oklahoma. The school I went to, Pitt, never has a good football team and got handled quite easily by Penn State, which I hate for a myriad of reasons. But the Steelers look good this season, defense starting to solidify. Love to see an aggressive defense. 

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