After watching this video on using Trello for an editorial calendar , I was pretty excited to start doing so for my two main blogs.

Creating and editing Trello cards and lists is a tedious process on iOS and if an idea popped into my head, I wanted to be able to get it down quickly and into Trello.


I knew that Drafts was the quickest way to jot something down on iOS. I also understood that I could easily find a few actions that could help me accomplish this quickly.


Configuration is a bit of a step. You’ll have to find your board and list’s ids by exporting the board in question to JSON. You can do this by setting something like this:[board_shortlink]/myBoard.json

And searching through the long list of dictionary items to find the exact ones you need. This is cumbersome but there isn’t a better way to do so currently, unless you plan on developing an app that interfaces with Trello.


If you have boards set up like this one for instance:

<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-2326 size-large” src=”

You can then start adding cards to lists in your preferred board.


Easiest Way to Use Trello?

That’s debatable. But now with the Trello Mac app things are looking mighty good for Trello users.

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