Apple Kills the App Affiliate Program
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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Last year, I wrote about Apple shrinking affiliate commissions from 7% down to 2.5%. The collective Apple-verse screamed a primal scream: indie media outlets depended on the affiliate income Apple provided. Not only that, but it provided Apple a way for users to discover apps in the App Store, because let’s face it, App Store discovery still sucks1.

Now, it seems, Apple doesn’t need sites like Touch Arcade and developers like Steve Troughton-Smith who tweets:

With Apple’s affiliate changes, there is now no incentive for any Apple site or YouTube channel (if they still exist) to review or cover your app at all. No reviews, no review sites, no top-X lists — it sounds catastrophic.

Granted, basing your entire livelihood and blog around affiliate programs is a bad idea. These things- ads, affiliate revenue, etc, can be yanked at any time. Diversifying your income is key these days.

Still, it sucks for small sites that could have used the money to stay afloat.

  1. Yes, even with the editorial team. 

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