Notion Review: Revolutionizing Project Management and Note-taking
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
~1 min read



For about a year now, I have been listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos1 about a productivity app called Notion. It is essentially an all-around place for you or your team to have wikis, code specs, tasks, notes, databases, Kanban, calendars, you name it, it has it2.

In the following video I explain to you how I’m using it. I didn’t use my podcast mic or anything; it was just a spur of the moment oh I have to tell everyone about this kind of thing so I apologize for the audio quality.

  1. I usually skipped the videos because I had no reason to switch from Evernote. I was afraid I’d be wasting time and adding another subscription. 

  2. Almost. 

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