Exercising with Apple Watch: Update
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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I’ve decided to do a follow-up post on my progress of getting into better shape with Apple Watch1.

Let me get to it right now: I’ve stuck with it. For the most part.

I could use a little more consistency in when I exercise and how often2.

Overview of the month.

Improving Health Metrics

One of the things I have noticed about my behavior recently is that when I exercise I actually cook meals and eat healthier. This is probably true of a lot of people and it makes sense. One behavior influences another. Before it was me eating healthier and losing weight that got me to increase my exercise minutes and routine. Now it is the opposite but the results are the same. My health improves, what I put in my body improves, and I start to feel better.

Increasing water intake and watching saturated fats and sodium intake.

Heart Rate Variability and the Importance of Sleep

I saw Jack, Twitter’s CEO, tweet about his heart and how well it was working, and how he was sleeping quite well at night3. One of the metrics was heart rate variability. My doctor mentioned mine was a bit slow because of the medicine I take and so we discussed how to manage and monitor that.

I looked up exactly what HRV is, what it should be, and why it matters. In short, it is the time between heart beats. The higher the number, the healthier you and your heart is. My HRV is pretty poor in comparison to Jack’s 125ms, hanging somewhere around 25ms. It is really bad.

As I exercise and get into a healthier routine, I noticed an increase in my HRV4.

Getting proper sleep really helps with this as well and something I am working on getting better at.

Keeping Track of Everything in a Notion Database

I record what I eat and take screenshots of that, as well as taking screenshots of my exercise in the exercise app and store the metrics in a Notion database with two views: Gallery and Calendar. This way I can keep an eye on the whole thing and take it to my doctor for discussing what to to next.

Page for the database
Main gallery view
Metrics recorded

Still Work to Be Done

Things are fitting better but I am still waiting for more weight loss. Last time I did this the weight melted off and sometimes I think if I was actually lifting weights I’d be better off. I am going to be picking up some weights soon.

I am doing better being consistent, as evidenced by this Streaks screenshot.

All hail the perfect day
  1. Still on the Series 1 but that will soon change. 

  2. Twice a week so far, a little less if I am already out and walking around all day. 

  3. Pretty tone deaf, considering his platform is home to literal Nazis and online abuse. 

  4. Like pretty much anything health related, there is some fluctuating of this metric. 

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