New iPad Pro: First Impressions
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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My new iPad Pro is here. Let me tell you, it’s beautiful. From the industrial design all the way down to the screen, this thing is gorgeous.

Front view with Shortcuts open

B&H is the Best

I ordered the iPad Pro from B&H. I got the Silver 12.9” 256gb wi-if only configuration1. The 256gb should be enough for now. I figure with high resolution video and photos I can offload them to cloud storage or my Mac. I am probably going to be picking up another external hard drive for archival purposes.

B&H doesn’t charge shipping or sales tax; what price you see is the final price. This was a boon to me as I only had $1300, which is an exorbitant amount of cash for a tablet but here we are. If we are going to consider these pro machines, I suppose the price should reflect that2.


Everything about this feels pro outside of the software. The software quirks are things I will have to get used to.

Writing this post on iPad, shot the photo on my iPhone and edited the photo on my iPad Pro with Lightroom CC and some presets.

When I work with the iPad more, I’ll write up a couple posts on how I am using it to get work done. The following video shows some of what I was doing a year ago on my iPad Pro 1st Gen.


I got away from doing writing on my iPad because I didn’t have much space or a way to work easily away from my desk. Now, I have this awesome wooden TV tray and plenty of room.

Other Thoughts

I am still trying to see where this fits in my workflow. So far, right now, I am enjoying sitting on my couch writing this on a beautiful screen with the semi-singular focus of writing and nothing else.

I’ll leave you with some other product shots of the iPad.

  1. I wanted Space Gray but the were out of that and I didn’t want to wait. I also never really need to leave my apartment for working purposes so I didn’t really need the cellular. 

  2. I say that begrudgingly. 

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