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Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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I’ve been writing about Apple for the past four years here at That Mac Nerd. It takes a long time, and I get extremely upset when it is time to write an article and it takes two days and 8 hours. I just don’t enjoy that. I just don’t want to do that as much anymore.

I am gathering information for this post I was writing and I’ve written notes and I can’t help but feel I’m wasting my time when I could be programming and writing articles at the place that literally got me interviews and is pertinent to my career.

I will still write at That Mac Nerd. Just not as often. And I honestly don’t care.

This blog gets half the traffic of Tiffany R. White Blog and is just a labor of love I can’t afford to continue. When you start getting pissed off when you sit down to write, it’s time to hang it up for a while.

I have a post that I am writing that I’ll get around to soon enough. I’m leaving That Mac Nerd around for the foreseeable future. It’ll be an archive of my thoughts on Apple and other things.

For now, like the great Katie Floyd, I have other opportunities and things happening that throwing my hat into this ring is no longer something I enjoy.

Hanging up the cleats

Thanks for reading if you did. If you enjoyed it you can share it will folks. If not, no worries. See ya some other time. 😏

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