Figuring Things Out by Being Honest with Myself
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by Tiffany White
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Jeff Perry, writing for Rocket Panda:

It is much more satisfying for me to comment on the smaller things that I’m comfortable speaking on instead of trying to get my share of the pie with what the rest of the big Apple blogs are commenting on. There are times where I may add my feelings and opinions on something but only when it is something that I am comfortable with. Gone are the days where I try and do some quick research and reading up on something that I know nothing about just so that I can be with the rest of the Apple News cycle. It is great if you enjoy that but I found it to be extraordinarily draining both mentally and emotionally. Chasing that forever-spinning wheel of tech news is not something for me.

This is exactly what I am trying to do with this blog now.

I look back at posts like this one1 and shudder.

This blog is red because of MacStories2. I tried listicles, in depth coverage, reporting and app reviews not because I enjoyed that process, but because I felt like I had to have a voice in the Apple Community, to be seen and have that blue checkmark on Twitter for my Apple journalism.

It started to become a chore and, well, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I missed it though. I vowed to just be chill about it; no analytics, just stuff I am passionate about in this community.

Off my soapbox

Jeff is someone I enjoy reading. So is Andy over at The Dent. So expect some of perspective on things I enjoy and am passionate about rather than imitating someone else.

  1. Excuse the broken images. Not everything ported over from my move from WordPress. 

  2. The footer was inspired by this, too. 

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