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New Place, Best Place

Almost a year and a half ago, I got kicked out of my old place because of renovations. I scrambled to find a place in Pittsburgh but it’s tough if you’re not making any money at all.

My mom told me to essentially come back home and told me about my current place. I took the leap, saved money, and came home.

I had a smart home fest my first few months…

And put most of my furniture together myself because I am a spinster and IKEA is my favorite furniture/decor store1

Working and doing some “Movin on up”

Everyone knows I am working and making decent money. As such I am moving because this place is income dependent and I am making too much money to stay. I could stay but I want more space, more autonomy, and something that reflects my new profession2.

So I decided to look around. I also decided that I would keep a database of things I need in Notion so I can get an overview of what I need to save for and what I could buy right away.

So…where to?

Just down the road and around the corner. It’s kinda weird to see such a…business-y type area in the middle of my current borough but here it is3.

There is free copy/fax, complimentary refreshments in the clubhouse, business area for business people doing important business with their business papers, just a crazy amount of amenities.

Some pics:

Living room/common area
Living room 2
Kitchen area 1
Kitchen area 2
Area around the patio
Oh wow this fitness center...
Fire pit
Community clubhouse
Finally! My own laundry room!
First bedroom
What will be my office

Excited af


  1. I like the challenge but I am never buying something like a couch or some kind of seating there. That seems a precarious proposition. 

  2. No shade. I love this place, this property management company, my neighbors. I am really going to be sad to leave. But on to better things

  3. This place is a shade over $1k a month and the amount of space and amenities makes this a steal, criminal. 

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