Subscription Fatigue, An Essay

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Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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As a developer, I get mad when I see reviews on the App Store complaining about price; people don’t value software as much as they value drinking coffee or going to get a burger from Five Guys. I get it. I do. But what I do not appreciate is when some random person says, well, no one promised you’d make a living selling software. Sorry!

No one promised that you should be able to be making a living doing what you’re doing either bud so simmer down1.


I know developers need to eat and I get just as angry when some entitled user feels that they can’t spend $5 on an app that either:

  1. Saves them time
  2. Offers entertainment value
  3. Helps them do dope shit

The net positive in relation to the $5 cost is enormous though it definitely depends on usability and design. But for the most well designed apps with thoroughly thought out UX and feature set, $5 is nothing if it does any of the three things mentioned above.

Where it gets a bit hairy, and this is the crux of software pricing now, is when everything is a subscription.

Subscriptions for…logging my caffeine intake?

Don’t get me wrong; I will always pay for a subscription that does one of the three things above. But when you have similar apps and services doing similar things, or if the app seems like it just doesn’t need a subscription, it is wise to clamp down and push back.

My subscription list

This is a Notion database of all my subscriptions:

Take a look at my yearly costs:

This is outrageous. This is insane.

I really, really need to think about where to cut the fat; I can technically afford this. But I don’t want the excess.

  1. Entitlement really fucking bothers me. Sorry not sorry. 

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