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Jeff Perry, one of my favorite indie bloggers, linked to a post by Andy over at The Dent called What’s In a Name?

Reading that post, I decided to change this blog’s domain name1 because lately I just don’t care and I really enjoy the indie web. If that makes me a hipster, so be it.

Jeff states what I can’t2:

As someone who did make the decision to move from Rocket Panda to my own name, I think that if you feel like the name is blocking you from expressing yourself completely then change it to something else.

This wasn’t exactly my hangup. I just felt like I was some type of poser trying to be some type of Apple Journalist when that just isn’t my intention anymore. So I guess maybe this was my hangup.

He then says:

I will say that you shouldn’t do this unless you truly are convinced the name isn’t “you” anymore. Rocket Panda was a one off name I came up with in the shower and liked it because it meant nothing, but over time I felt it to be a very weird website to explain to people and what the name had to do with it.

I am still a Mac Nerd; I love my Macs, I have loved them since the first one I bought in 2014. But That Mac Nerd was a riff on The Class Mac Nerd and it wasn’t original at all.

And then there’s this:

I changed my domain and not a single person seemed to notice or care. Maybe that is because not many people read this, but it was nice to not get so much flack for changing the name of my site.

I get a decent number of readers but not enough for me to feel a burden changing the site name and URL3.

And so now, it’s all this

I am going to say pretty much whatever, about my life, Apple, tech, and general interest things. I’ll try to stay away from politics because there is already enough of that and me adding my two cents isn’t pushing the discourse forward.

That Mac Nerd was nice for the 2 or three years the site was called that4.

Like the byline says: this is my little space on the internet, and I quite like it like that.

  1. Again, for the 6th time. 

  2. And don’t really want to because I have been battling an upper respiratory infection and working through it all week. I am exhausted and I am not getting enough sleep to recover properly. 

  3. Netlify redirects ftw! 

  4. Name iterations: Mac and iOS Tips for Non-traditional Students, The Class Apple Nerd, and then That Mac Nerd. That first one…yikes. 

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