Prepping for a Big Move, Day 1

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Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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IKEA is probably one of my favorite places to buy stylish things1.

Two of my living room floor lights are HOLMO lights:

Couch light (View full size)
Chair light (View full size)

So in this round of Things to Buy I bought two more HOLMO floor lamps, as well as another, slightly more expensive floor lamp so that I can avoid the problem I am having in this apartment; poor lighting.

First purchases

I’ve purchased another ALEX Drawer and soon, probably in the beginning of next month, I am going to be purchasing a KARLBY 98” wooden/wood grain tabletop from IKEA to replace this LINNMON tabletop. I’m trying to up my office space game by getting a wooden table top, getting serious lighting, and cleaning up my cable management, kinda like MacSparky2.

My inspiration for my current setup was Jeremy Siers:

Then he came out last year with something far more dope:

Unless I work at a Big 5 and buy a house3 I am never going to be able to afford this type of setup. But the premise is interesting, and some things I want to replicate.

Getting a gander at the apartment

This isn’t happing until 7 days before I am supposed to move as there is a tenant still there and they will want to clean it up. But I have the IKEA Place app and others to guide me on what I need to buy and where I can place it4.

I have pretty much packed away my lab and dumped my ALEX drawers but there is still a ways to go…

  1. Scandinavian minimalism is appealing to me and a lot of people though I am not sure why that is. 

  2. Picking up some Gaffer’s Tape as well. 

  3. Maybe I’ll rent one but buying is not something I want to do after 2008. Sorry Financiers. 

  4. I have a floor plan so I have approximate dimensions. 

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