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Andrew Sherwood, a Notion enthusiast, created a Notion template that I probably wouldn’t have thought of in a million years: a Christmas Planner.

He writes:

This is a pretty simple template, to help get you started with your planning and maybe inspire a few ideas. It features databases for: Xmas dinner

  • Ingredients (which you can visualise in a gallery)
  • Links to recipes
  • Price & links to buy online


  • Presents which you can record (price & links to buy online etc.) in a table and visualise in a gallery.
  • Cards which you can plan in a table and track with a board.
  • Budget which you can link the other databases to, to see whether your spending is on track and the total cost of everything you’ve bought / plan to buy.
  • Guest lists which you can use to keep track of who’ll be at which events.

Pretty sweet.

Here’s how I have mine setup:


Where can I get in on this hotness?

You can find my duplicated template and duplicate it for yourself here.

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