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As time wears on and things start to look good for me again, I have been getting things in this apartment just the way I like them. I am not out of the woods yet; still without a job1 and I need to be mindful as I may have to move in with a family member next year if something doesn’t come up2.

HomePod mania

I have gone HAM on HomePods. The sales on HomePods have been ridiculous so I picked up three more3.

I have two in my office. When paired, they are named, StereoPods4.

In the living room, I have a HomePod by the TV and one on a stand by the couch. When these are paired they are TVPods

New look office

It’s coming along!

Front of the desk
Side view...
New backdrop and gear shelf
Got the idea for hanging bags on walls from a YouTube video that I can't remember

New look living room

My welcome mat. Couldn't find "Go away" or "What?"
Finally got a couch!
Second TVPod and then an air purifier as I have awful allergies
Door to my patio I never sit in. Notice the Sonos? Since getting two HomePods in the living room it doesn't get used that often. 😒
The biggest TV I have ever owned with LIFX bias lighting and poor cable management

Getting there

These are the most exciting parts of the apartment, the places I spend the most time. My bedroom is just meh. The bathrooms have tech in them but they’re bathrooms and completely irrelevant.

I like it here. I still long for my last place but I am here now and I like it.

  1. This front is starting to look better than ever. I am a better coder and my confidence is growing the more I work on side projects. It shouldn’t be too much longer before something comes up and I am currently interviewing with a little company Apple nerds might know that isn’t Apple. 😊 

  2. From the nibbles I am getting, this seems unlikely. Never say never though… 

  3. Got duped into buying a refurb from eBay so probably not wise for me to buy much electronics from there. OWC had a great sale so I’ll be buying Apple stuff from either them or B&H from now on. 

  4. Clever, I know. 

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