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My living room on a good day

Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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I originally I was pretty meh about this place; Felton Lofts was my favorite place I’ve ever rented, big, spacious, alive. When I moved here though, everything was quiet1, the neighborhood cookie cutter; I had never lived in the suburbs ever in my life and it was quite the adjustment.

But as I worked and then stopped, I was able to bring things into the apartment to make it my own; I got a couch, a number of HomePods, a dresser for my bedroom, a couple essential oil diffusers, bag hooks, more camera gear, and so much more. I made it mine and I can honestly say I want to be here, now and for the foreseeable future.

I spend very little time in here, just mostly eating and binging YouTube after I'm done eating


Terrible cable managemnt: fixed. 😂
My sweet, sweet office
Nothing special here really except for my training shoe rack I really love
Can't decided if this is my favorite or second favorite space behind my office. I bought this TV on sale at Target < $300, a 4K Fire Stick and a cheap mount. The TV is 43" LG 4K HDR, similar to the 49" in my living room, HomeKit and AirPlay included. No cable on this one, just streaming.
  1. Until my upstairs neighbors moved in and then it was this… 

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