I am a bag kinda girl. No offense to women who love purses, but that kind of everyday carry just isn’t my jam.

This collection is inspired by this man below. I don’t do YouTube but I thought I’d write about bags instead.

Listed is a criteria template I will use for each review. 


I am going to give a rating to the following properties:

  • Comfort: How does the bag feel on me? Does it fatigue my shoulders or back? Is it already heavy without a load?
  • Style/Attractiveness: How good looking is it? Is it techie, sleek, or rustic?
  • Organization: How many things can I fit neatly into this bag? If a travel bag, how many packing cubes can I fit in this and keep it minimal enough to fit under my seat?
  • Value for Price: Is this a good buy for the money?
  • Build: Is it made of quality materials? Does it fall apart easily? Does it have YKK zippers and zipper pulls?

I will give each criterion a rating of  Great Good Okay Bad .Great is obviously the best you can get, Good is just slightly above average, Okay is average, and Bad is just the worst.

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