Not a Bag, But a Bellroy

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Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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Chase Reeves is a bad influence on me.

And as such, I decided to go with a slimmer wallet, the Bellroy Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet, Tangelo.

This color is wacky and weird for a wallet which is why I like it. So I bought it. After two days of use1, here are my thoughts.

Table of Contents

  1. Ratings
    1. Style/Attractiveness
    2. Comfort
    3. Organization
    4. Build
    5. Value for Price


Of course these ratings are subjective. You can tell me on Twitter how wrong I am if you’d like. Not saying you’ll get a response though.



One of the things that stood out to me was the packaging.


It seems thoroughly considered. Small detail but a nice surprise.

It is a great looking wallet. Easily the best looking I have ever used since going to the “male” wallet2 type.


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It is slim and small. Fits right in your back or side pocket3. There’s not much in the way of comfort a wallet needs to have.

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This is a slim wallet, meaning that there are few pockets and sleeves for organization. With that said, there is a quick access pocket that can hold up to six cards. There is a pull flap that you pull and the cards are exposed.

Pull flap on the right

In my testing, it worked well. I tried it several times just messing with it and it works well. Someone said their cards came out a bit crooked and I can see that; one of mine was slightly crooked coming out, but I fixed that by pushing the cards all the way in and straightening them.


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Not going to find a better build slim sleeve wallet. Seriously. Buy one and see.

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Value for Price


Easily the best made wallet I own. My $15 Clifton Heritage Leather Wallet is bifold so there is a lot of organization, and it is also has RFID protection and is much bigger for much less.

At first I was really disappointed with the Bellroy wallet. It may be too small for me. I may keep it or I may go with the Bellroy Low Wallet which is also slim but a bit larger and with a bit more organization.

My disappointment does not detract from how great this wallet is. It’s spectacular. I just wish I could have seen it up close and personal.

  1. I plan on visiting this review later if need be. 

  2. People assume only men want a wallet like this but that is far from the truth. I want to carry as little as possible on my day-to-day and having a wallet in my back pocket is simple and easy. 

  3. If you’re a man. I have not tried it in my side pockets as a woman but it seems that, with everything else I carry in my pockets, putting this in my side pockets is a no-go. 

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