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So this is it.

Matt D’Avella has, in a sense, saved my life as well as my sanity.

  I will reference Matt D’Avella a lot. Here is one of the videos that got me going.

Not that I had any sanity to begin with.

But I digress.

Not only have I rid myself of things I don’t actually need or want, I’ve started to take my health more seriously. It’s pretty much a necessity as a woman of a certain age.

So here is where I chronicle my journey.

I don’t know if I am going to do weigh-ins here. It’s hard enough living at this weight, which, as I have said, is not all my fault. I like to call it, the medi-fats because Depakote is a terrible drug and should not be given to teenagers1.

I have had eating disorders during my life and I have battled with this weight issue more than half that time. This is a mindset shift. And I want to talk about it and especially for those who have taken Depakote at some point in their lives. I just want y’all to know you can drop the weight and, most of it is not. your. fault.

Here is where I lay my sins, wins, triumphs, and failures.

Let’s fucking go.

  1. Hole ‘nother discussion, but for reference, a friend I was in a group home with took Depakote for her seizures in 2nd grade. She got really fat and then it made her develop breasts. AT 7 YEARS OLD. Yeah… 

Fitness Journey

This is going to be a longer post but I’m going to be writing about my fitness journey1 here on the blog.

  1. Really just losing a shit ton of weight to get healthy. 

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