Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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My clothes are getting looser and I am getting more determined.

My friend and I have gone out, and, surprisingly to me, I fit in booths better, I am moving my long limbs better. My coat fits around my arms better.

It may not be completely noticeable yet, but you can see it, at least I can when I look in the mirror.

Once you get that momentum, you want to keep it going.

And I’m going to do just that.

I have a YouTube channel called Distinguished Fat Loss1 that will get updated once I get some things together on my work end and mouth end2.

You’ve seen the below video but I wanted something to embed here from YouTube.

You can also follow me on Instagram. I’ve had this account since 2012, my first Instagram account. It’s been my fitness Instagram for about as long.

Let’s get it.

  1. Yes, another one. I’m analytical and cerebral all day for work. I’ve always loved doing artistic things and photography and filmmaking melds my love of technology with art and it makes me happy. 

  2. Love this guy called Bearded Fat Loss, well, he used to call himself that. I don’t have a beard but I do have gray hair, hence distinguished. We’ll see if the name sticks. 

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