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by Tiffany White
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I’m still at it y’all!

Things are pretty stressful right now and I am trying to stay sane and keep up my healthy habits and so far, so good.

I never eat this many calories but it us usually what I eat that is the sticking point.

Lately though1 it’s been really good and I couldn’t be happier.

Today was a good day though I didn't eat breakfast

The workout

It was brief as it was the middle of my workday and I just did upper body. Wanted to ease myself back into it.


New feature!

Occasionally I will drop a vlog on Vimeo2 of different fitness things like cooking a meal, making a smoothie, or when my friend and I go to the grocery store and/or Planet Fitness.

Currently working on an edit for today’s vlog3.

Good day

It was 64°, sun was out, got those endorphins flowing.


Excellent, excellent day.

  1. I did eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s yesterday and an eggplant parm sandwich on Friday but it was all copacetic from there. 

  2. For now. 

  3. As I get ready to launch my YouTube channel, I am trying to learn more about videography and video editing. 

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