Devil May Cry 5: First Impressions

Graphics are legit. So is the gameplay.

Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
~1 min read

One of the things I’ve noticed, even for last generation hardware, if you have an HDR 4K TV, some games’ graphics are crazy detailed.

There are three games I own like this:

The one I’ll talk about here is DMC 5. It will be brief as I am still playing it.



There’s no other way to put it. These graphics shine, even on last gen hardware. Almost life-like, if it wasn’t for the demon schtick and whatnot.

Virgil and his badassery isn't too cringey. Borderline though.
Don't remember her name, but I think she is Virgil's sister or half-sister.



So far I am getting up to speed with the new combos of moves, etc. This rating could change in the future.

The proliferation of more powerful weaponry and combos is definitely a plus. I just need to get my old ass motor skills to catch up.


… more to come.

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