I’m back on my gaming bullshit. I bought a PS4 because we are in the darkest timeline, I am in the darkest place, and I need a distraction.

I bought a subscription to a game tracking database I used years ago when I had a Windows box1 and now I have their web app on my Mac. I exported a CSV from that database and set up an Airtable to embed here just for fun. I like CLZ databases2.

Here are a couple of my databases, shared with CLZ Cloud.

  1. They refuse to make a Mac app. I asked 6 years ago and now, in 2020, no Mac app. I don’t think they a. like the Mac, they all use Windows, and b. I don’t think they develop the best Mac UIs as I have their CLZ Books app and it is crazy ugly. 

  2. Like a lot of Windows devs, they know not a whit about design but it’s still good software. 

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