Reading Marco Arment’s headphone reviews, and me being the music fiend I am, I decided to dedicate some time to reviewing mid to high-end headphones that I purchase throughout the next couple years. This collection chronicles my time with entry-level audiophile headphones.

Chase Reeves has a few headphone reviews on his YouTube channel too.

Over time I will get more general audiophile headphones and review them here.

Listed is a criteria template I will use for each review. 


I am going to give a rating to the following properties:

  • Comfort: How long can I wear them before they start to hurt?
  • Style/Attractiveness: How good looking are they? This is purely subjective.
  • Portability: Can or should you use these during your commute?
  • Value for Price: Is this a good buy for the money?
  • Sound: How do they sound? Do they sound okay with a sound enhancement system or DAC? Do they sound good without one?
  • Build: Are they made of quality materials? Do they break easily?

I will give each criterion a rating of  Great Good Okay Bad .Great is obviously the best you can get, Good is just slightly above average, Okay is average, and Bad is just the worst.

See what’s up next (well, soon enough)

You can check out my Collection of Cans Pinterest board or my Cans Amazon Ideas List to see the absurd amounts of money I’m willing to pay for cans1.

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  1. Let’s be honest: the ones > $500 I am not really going to buy off the bat, more than likely saving for them. I am not Marco, and while I am finally, finally employed after a long wait making more than market rate for my title and area, I still just won’t be Marco, not now, and probably not ever. 

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