AKG k240 and Knox DAC, A Review
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
2 min read

These headphones sound okay so far. Here’s my review.

 I haven’t received the Toslink cable to connect the DAC to my iMac. My iMac is a late 2015 which is the last model to offer a Toslink connection to connect different audio output devices to your headphone jack.

Table of Contents

  1. Comfort
  2. Style/Attractiveness
  3. Portability
  4. Value for Price
  5. Sound
  6. Build
  7. Overall conclusion



These things are incredibly light. I wore them for at least 4 hours while at my desk without my ears hurting. Contrast this with my Audio-Technica MSR7s which I can only wear for a couple hours before they become heavy and cumbersome. This is a welcome change.

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They aren’t sexy in that Audio-Technica or Grado way but they look interesting enough for office use. I don’t think I’d wear these outside per se but I could see wearing them in an office setting or around the house.

Not bad but some of the accents are a little much, even for me.

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No case or bag and they don’t fold. They are light enough but if you’re thinking of traveling or commuting with these, then these are a solid pass.

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Value for Price


These were $70 with the DAC. The reason is because these are the older version of these cans the newer being the AKG k240 MarkII. I went with these because of the DAC. How could you pass on this? Incredible value1.



I was going to give this a bad simply because of the amount of distortion when using an equalizer. The bass is overly jarring, the loudness becomes too much and it isn’t any enjoyable experience as I am constantly switching the equalizer for different genres of songs.

I am giving this an okay for now because I want to see if there are any improvements with the DAC. I will update this grade when I test it with the DAC.



These are really flimsy for being from a company like AKG; plastic that seems it would be easy to break, especially on the cups. I twisted them a bit because I was shocked to see how absolutely flimsy they were to see if they had any give at all. They do but I can see in a couple years breaking these with normal wear and tear. No bueno. 👎🏾

Overall conclusion


They are fine looking but flimsy and sound can at times be bad. Definitely worth the $70 you’re spending at least.

  1. Waiting for the DAC as UPS delayed the package with the Toslink cable. It was supposed to arrive today. I will update this review when I get it. 

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