Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, 250 ohm Model, a Review
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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I was in the market for new cans after not buying any for…lemme see…6…months1.

I put the beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro headphones in my Amazon Cans Idea List some time ago, when they were about $200.

When I bought them this past Tuesday, they were $131. Say what? A steal, I thought. But was I right?

Table of Contents

  1. Ratings
    1. Comfort
    2. Style/Attractiveness
    3. Portability
    4. Value for Price
    5. Sound
      1. Apple Music, Audio Testing
      2. Spotify, Audio Testing
    6. Build
  2. Wrap-up




These headphones are over-ear headphones, unlike my Audio-Technica MSR7s, which are on-ear cans.

Over-ear headphones feel much better. These are also metal and are extremely flexible. The fabric on the cups is soft and wearing them for hours doesn’t fatigue my ears. Absolute blast to wear.

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These things are sexy. No doubt about it2.


I like big, bulky looking headphones that say, I’m working peasant. Do not disturb me and these definitely have that vibe.

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You’re not taking these anywhere. Of course, they are 250 Ohms which means they absolutely can be driven by your iPhone or mobile, but they are too big to really carry around.

Next to the Audio Technica MSR7s

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Value for Price

An absolute steal. End of.

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I listened to my Audio Testing playlist using the flat setting on my equalizer so that the sound wouldn’t be effected by different settings and presets I use with other headphones.

Apple Music, Audio Testing

Spotify, Audio Testing

These are the best sounding headphones I have, right out of the box. Everything, for the most part, was clear and crisp. However, I did have some issue listening to songs with loud cymbals; the crashing of the cymbals were harsh and made it hard to listen. I had to turn them down to get it to be comfortable enough to listen. With some songs, the bass was a bit muddy, but not with all. I suppose it is the way in which these songs were recorded that makes the difference.

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They are German engineered and just great looking headphones; sturdy, metal, and constructed with quality materials. We will see how long the cups and headband last, as those are the first to go with any headphones you buy in this price range.


These things are stellar.

  1. LOL. 

  2. At least in my mind. 

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