HiFiMan 4xxx with Drop Review
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
2 min read

You may need a DAC…


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Table of Contents

  1. Ratings
    1. Comfort
    2. Style/Attractiveness
    3. Portability
    4. Sound
    5. Build
    6. Value for Price
  2. Conclusion



These are heavy, and I mean really, really heavy. They also suck your head in between the cups.

I wore these with a mask on that I left on by accident and my ears began to hurt within an hour or two. Not recommended for long use.

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I’m a sucker for big, bulky headphones so I really like the way these look1 so my opinion is biased so these get a Great from me.


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These things are big, metal, and heavy. There is no way to wear these anywhere but at your desk2 but that’s okay with me. The ‘Rona means I don’t commute anywhere and I am a desk hermit and hardly leave my office so it’s not a big deal for me. I have AirPods Pro to wear when I am out and about3.

As you can see below, most if not all of my headphones are not portable. I don’t go anywhere or commute anymore, even pre-Rona.


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At first I thought you would need a DAC and you still might. But over the past couple days of using these, they seem to sound better. I honestly don’t want to buy a DAC so the more I break these in the better I’ll feel.

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Oh. My. God. These are built solid and heavy, even heavier than the beyerdynamics I have. Both are metal but these are…just…monsters. I’m pretty sure if I swung at someone with these in my hands they’d get a bump whereever I hit them, they’re tanks.

Value for Price


I paid very little for these. These were a collab between Drop, formerly Massdrop, and HiFiman. I’ve been wanting a pair of HiFiman headphones since watching Marco on Computerphile wearing HiFiman headphones, I’ve wanted a pair. Not at $350 however. These collabs from Drop were less than $170, which is the right price. The quality for that price is significant. You won’t find better made, better quality headphones than these for such a low price.

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I have too many headphones now. I switch them up every so often but I think there is only one more pair to get as I don’t really like the Bose’s bluetooth, and that is the Sony Bluetooth headphones, for $349, what I didn’t want to spend on the HiFimans, ironically.

It is what it is, it be what it be, and it do what it do.

  1. Want to look like a 1337 haxxor  

  2. Or if you’re feeling that hipster fancy, a turntable. 

  3. Or these headphones

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