My Apple device home screens are ever-changing. This collection is dedicated to my changing home screen problem.

Upgrade and MacSparky are some of the inspiration for this collection. Let’s dive in.

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Home Screens 

iOS 13 Updates

iOS 13.0 has dropped for iPhone so I updated my home screen. I’ve chosen dark mode and, so far, so good. Much better than on the Mac for sure.

~1 min read

One Screen to Rule Them All, Plus iPad

I’ve moved all the apps on my iPhone to one screen with six folders, four strewn across the top. I’ll just search for the ones I need1.

  1. Since I am moving I have a folder with the 🏡 emoji to encapsulate all the things I’ll need to buy/fit into the new place, like IKEA Place. ARKit ftw, at least for this type of thing. 

~1 min read
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