Business Woman Doing Business, A Home Screen
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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I am entering corporate life for the first time and…it’s an adjustment.

I used a tool called Jamf Now to manage my mom’s iOS devices remotely; it’s really for business users but I found it an easy way to set mom up and get her going if there were ever any issues1.

I never thought that I’d be on the receiving end of this kind of thing, but when you are in the corporate world in a company that does business with government and private entities well…

I am now a business woman doing business with her business papers2 in her Peak Everyday backpack.

Home Screens!

Everything is managed and the 💼 folder is obviously all the work stuff. I did have Outlook on the home screen but using it is against company policy.

Never thought I'd have a chance at a retirement fund and 401k but here we are. Managing all that with Personal Captial. is in my dock again because it is the only app approved for our Exchange server. I use it on iOS as well. Should probably remove it but...oh well.
  1. I stopped using it; renewing Apple certificates and deploying updates to mom’s devices was too involved and I had little time or patience trying to learn the software. 

  2. I just spent and hour and a half trying to find a timestamp of Chase Reeves bag review channel where he says something about a pouch in a bag being for “your papers…your business papers” in that Chase Reeves way. Check his YouTube; dude is highly entertaining and looks like Jesus. Bag Jesus. You’ll thank me. 

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