January 2020, Started Off Right
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
~1 min read

As I age, and things get better for me, I am starting to pursue less and it suits me.

I promise not to get too deep into what has changed for me in this home screen post but I will in another main post.

I am probably going to go through and delete a lot of apps that I really wanted to use but never did. If they stick around, I can redownload them, not biggie1.

Trying out all the new Shortcuts tooling. I really need help figuring out how to use these to help me be mobile when it comes to writing my blog posts.
Not much changed here except I am using HootSuite instead of Tweetdeck. I may start the 30-day free trial and see where it goes.
  1. Arcade has been a great time waster, but I haven’t played all the games I downloaded yet. I intend to, just no time right now. 

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