Summer of Fun: Home screen
Tiffany White
by Tiffany White
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Upgrade and The Summer of Fun and…home screens.

On Upgrade 250: Building a Home Screen Together they have challenged each other to build their home screens. I love sharing my home screens as they are ever-changing.

This summer, I am going with some chill wallpapers, two folders on the XS Max1, and my newly favorite podcast, Analog(ue)’s cover art wallpaper for the iPad.


My iPhone screen changes a lot. This summer, I am trying to keep it one way and this is what I am going with.

Two folders. I am trying to decide what photo editing app I really need and the 📝 is a folder full of Progressive Web App blogs. I am keeping it there for now.

iPad Pro

My main screen is clean; I like it that way. It keeps me from being distracted when I am working. I find that I really like writing on the iPad2 so keeping things organized and clean is ideal. I am extraordinarily happy about iPadOS 13. I can’t wait to put the public beta on my older iPad.

Analog(ue) wallpaper. I have several cool Relay FM wallpapers. Let me know if you want to download them. I'll hook you up.
I have two other screens because I have far too many apps on my iPad. The dock is where I keep anything important and I try to keep it minimal.

Apple Watch

I keep it on the same face, always. So this is probably the only face I’ll share for a while.

I don't know the name of this face but it's what I've had pretty much the entire time I've had this Apple Watch.
  1. Yep! I know. You can @ me. 

  2. This blog, my Book Notes Blog, and WTF Robots are easily my favorite blogs to write on the iPad Pro. I’m working on a post so stay tuned. 

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