Impossible List

Photo by Matt Atherton / Unsplash

Thomas Frank, the young man I used to watch on YouTube for productivity tips[1] had on his website a list of things he wanted to conquer, a specific list of accomplishments on a page on his site that he wanted to 'check off' like things on a bucket list.

This page is my attempt at an Impossible List. I have many years on Thomas so I am starting late but I do have things I'd like to accomplish.

Big goals

  • Buy a house in a really nice neighborhood
  • Buy an electric car[2]
  • Build a shed in the backyard of the house for a game console collection
  • Fully automate my home with Home Assitant
  • Move to Lancaster, PA
  • Lose weight, a lot of it
  • Switch careers in IT from software development to Information Security

Little goals

  • Visit the West Coast
  • Become a mid-level software engineer
  • Become proficient in Python
  • Become better at Go
  • Learn Rust
  • Learn Postgres
  • Learn SQL
  • Become competent in network security
  • Become competent in white hat hacking

That's all I can think of for now!

  1. It says a lot about my level of discipline when a late 30-something woman got her productivity tips from a junior in college, ↩︎

  2. Not a Tesla. As a black woman, I can't bring myself to patronize that man and his company. ↩︎