Derek Sivers set up a website called to help people understand what a now page is, why you’d want one, and to showcase other now pages. Maybe you should build one, too.


I am living in Swatara Twp, PA.


I was working as a junior frontend developer at ICF and am currently looking for my next role.

Fun Programming Side Projects

Working on an API to consume in a frontend project using React.js, shards-react library for styles, and Glitch. This is really, really fun and I am so stoked to work on it.

Latest Interests

I am working on three blogs: this one,, my book review blog, Book Notes by Tiffany1, a YouTube channel called Tiff Talks Tech and its companion blog/site, and my dev blog Tiffany R. White Blog. I also started yet another dev podcast called Good First Issue2.

I’ve also become more interested in stoicism and minimalism as good practices for someone my age. Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel, my own mortality and worsening health, and wanting to have financial freedom has really inspired me to make a change, even before the start of the new year.


I am currently still brushing up on JavaScript and getting more familiar with React. I am also learning GraphQL and soon Go at the start of the year.


I am currently getting back into lifting weights by creating a habit, starting small at first and working my way up to full workouts. So far, so good.


I’ve been trying to get back into photography as a creative outlet and excuse to get out of the house3.

There is only so much time in the day and I am lucky to have my job and, by some measures, just friends and no spouse or kids4. I have an 8 hour workday, 5 days a week, which means there is ample time to have side hustles and projects. Focusing on what is important is key.

What are you doing? I’m curious by nature. Share it with me on Twitter Or don’t. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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  1. Name inspired by Bill Gates Gates Notes

  2. I need to get settled into my new apartment and also figure out who I should ask to cohost. I have a couple people in mind. 

  3. I absolutely do not get enough time away from my desk. So I’ve gone on one photo walk and plan on doing more, at least once a week. 

  4. Fine with that now and really I am too old to have kids which I still can but don’t want to. My terrible, very bad, no good, relationships have prevented me from dating and besides I am working on self-improvement, losing weight, getting healthy physically, mentally, and financially. Me comes first, ya dig? 

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