Derek Sivers set up a website called to help people understand what a now page is, why you’d want one, and to showcase other now pages. Maybe you should build one, too.

What Am I Doing Now?

I am trying to get into better shape and am doing well at it.

I am working on three blogs: this one, Tiffany R. White Blog, my book review blog, Book Notes by Tiffany1, some stuff about building robots at WTF Robots and my dev blog Tiffany R. White Blog. I also started yet another dev podcast called Good First Issue2.

I’ve been trying to get back into photography as a creative outlet and excuse to get out of the house3.

I have seriously cut back on what I am doing because I really have to as I am working now. I’m glad because I would be headed for burnout again and that would be an awful way to start a new job.

What are you doing? I’m curious by nature. Share it with me on Twitter Or don’t. 🤷🏿

Last Updated: 2019-09-21 16.54.58

  1. Name inspired by Bill Gates Gates Notes

  2. I need to get settled into my new apartment and also figure out who I should ask to cohost. I have a couple people in mind. 

  3. I absolutely do not get enough time away from my desk. So I’ve gone on one photo walk and plan on doing more, at least once a week. 

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