Playlists for Football Fans

I listen to all genres of music but my favorite is alternative rock, metal, and dubstep. Eclectic mix, I know. Here is a playlist I discovered while browsing Spotify for tailgating.

~1 min read

David Hewson on Ulysses Subscription Model

The subscription model only works when the people you are selling to use your app a lot and find it indispensable. This model works for things like professional tools, which is what Ulysses is, and things like Day One, that has recently gone subscription.

1 min read

Working on iPad Pro: The Beginning

It is no secret in the Apple tech community that people are dumping their MacBooks and working solely on the iPad. Federico Viticci writes solely on his iPad and has several guides on how to do great things with iPad.

1 min read

On the Virtues of Dark UIs

I wasn’t a dark mode person. When I was programming in Coda 2 on my Mac when I just started doing it, the UI was white. I showed someone a screenshot of it and they joked, “real programmers use dark editors.”

1 min read

I’m Still Here…

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time this year, I have regularly updated it for months until recently.

~1 min read

My WWDC 2017 Wish List

I love this time of year.

It’s WWDC season and I usually turn off notifications and non-essential phone calls and texts. I fire up my 3rd Gen Apple TV, sit back on the couch and watch the keynote.

3 min read
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